martedì 23 settembre 2008

Miley Cyrus mette in chiaro il fatto che lei ama Hannah Montana

Le notizie che dicevano che Miley si voleva far cacciare dalla serie tv Hannah Montana sono false, lo ha detto lei stessa.

"I am fully committed to 'Hannah Montana,' " she told People magazine Monday (September 22). "It's what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people. I couldn't do it alone. We have an amazing cast that is so supportive, including my dad who has been there for me every step of the way."Meanwhile, a Disney rep said that any talk of on-set battles is "just gossip." Miley added: "I'm really excited about our new season. We are making great new episodes that I can't wait for our fans to see."In July, Miley got everyone talking when she hinted at the possibility that season three of "Hannah Montana" could be the last. "We're thinking this is our last season," she told E! News at the time."I just think we did a lot of episodes," she said. "We basically did two seasons in one last year. Usually people would do one season [and] that would be, like, 16 episodes, and we did almost 30 episodes! ... It seems like it's been on, like, longer."A representative for Disney was quick to respond to the news, saying, "Miley said it best when she said she's delighted to be part of the Disney family. ... We look forward to the 'Hannah Montana' feature film coming to a theater near you in spring 2009.
Praticamente Miley dice una frase del genere: E comunque, non vi preoccupate per il fatto di quella 'battaglia' sul fatto di Hannah Montana, anzi io sono molto eccitata di girare le nuove puntate, anche perchè sono molto affezionata alla Disney, al mio cast e li ringrazio, perchè senza loro, probabilemente io non sarei qui.

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